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Wild Irish Game

Venison is Ireland’s only sustainable meat. Mother nature is our favourite supplier. Higher protein content than chicken, double the nutrients/minerals of beef.

Dedicated to supporting, educating and sharing our knowledge about these delicious, traditional foods.

Founded in the rolling mountains, woodlands, cascading waterfalls and sparkling glacial lakes of Glenmalure, County Wicklow, in 1997.

Working in collaboration with our national park rangers, hunters, Government, and most importantly nature, we strive to maintain the balance between what we do and what nature provides us with. At Wild Irish Game all species are treated with the utmost respect.

A large population of Sika Wild Deer occupy the open hill area of the Wicklow Mountains. With a natural diet ranging from nutritious herbs, grasses and mountain heather. This is 100% natural and GMO free giving you a lean, naturally low-fat meat which is naturally high in protein, iron and zinc.

Our state-of-the-art premises operate strictly in accordance with current European and Irish legislation. We are proud to be the only game producer in Ireland to be Quality B.R.C. AA Food Certified.