Recent Awards

This year we have been kept busy with awards.

Our venison steaks have won Gold in Blas na hEireann along with a Great Taste Award. Our venison sausages were also finalists in Blas na hEireann. 

As a company we are shortlisted for the LEAN Business awards


The premises are fully approved by the Department of Agriculture and have been granted establishment number IE 2967 EC.

Wild Irish Game is inspected and approved by representatives of the EU for the export of wild game products.

A Government Veterinary Officer visits the premises on a regular basis for the purpose of monitoring compliance with all relevant legislation and standards. The Veterinary Officer  carries out an examination on every deer carcass delivered to the premises, no production activity occurs till this process is complete.


Wild Irish Game premises operate strictly in accordance with current European and Irish legislation.

Copies of this and additional documentation can be inspected on the premises by prior arrangement.

The principal legislation applicable to the Company is as follows: European Communities (Food and Feed Hygiene) Regulations 2005. (S.I. No. 910 of 2005) European Communities Regulations 852/2004, 853/2004, 882/2004.

Our Procedural Standards

All game is delivered within a set time and placed into refrigerated storage.

Large game is stored at 7°C or below and small game at 4°C or below.

Processing is carried out in areas operating at or below 12°C.

After processing products are returned immediately to refrigerated storage. Operational control steps are in place at every stage to ensure quality assurance of products.

All products are packaged and labelled in accordance with current legislation.

Labels are applied to both inner and outer packaging this includes requirements for storage and durability of the product.

Wild Irish Game products are transported and delivered in refrigerated vehicles.

Refrigerated and frozen products are stored and transported at 4°C or under and -18°C or below.

Meticulous records are maintained of critical parameters at all stages of receiving, storage, production and delivery.

Records are available for inspection on the premises by appointment.

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