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Resource Management

Only 7% of our waste goes to landfill

Bike2work scheme

We recycle the water that comes from our fridges

We recycle pallets and trays

Led lights

Light sensors

Censored and auto close doors around fridges/freezers

Installation of solar panels

Toxic bait is not used for pest control and pesticides and insecticides are not used either.

2x Electric Cars, all resource usage monitored

Use of wool insulated boxes

At Wild Irish Game we are utilising the EU’s ESG (Enviornmental, Social and Governance) meaning we are acknowledging and continuously developing all aspects of sustainability.

At Wild Irish Game we consistently prioritise in-house emission reduction rather than offsetting.

Quality Standards

 All our Wild Irish Game is hunted in a responsible, sustainable manner. All our hunters are licensed and trained in food handling hygiene, in compliance with Irish and EU Legislation. Our reputation for integrity and transparency will stand any scrutiny in this sector of the food industry.

Working in collaboration with our national park rangers, hunters, Government, and most importantly nature, we strive to maintain the balance between what we do and what nature provides us with. At Wild Irish Game all species are treated with the utmost respect.

A Government Veterinary Officer visits the premises on a regular basis for the purpose of monitoring compliance with all relevant legislation and standards. The Veterinary Officer carries out an examination on every deer carcass delivered to the premises, no production activity occurs till this process is complete.

We can guarantee 100% traceability for all meat supplied.

We are proudly BRC AA+ certified.

European Export License.

HACCP scheme in place

An Origin Green member since 2017.

As a proud member of Origin Green, we uphold sustainability throughout our food supply chain, ensuring responsible sourcing, minimizing environmental impact, promoting social responsibility, and maintaining transparent operations.