Mick Healy Pat Doyle Wild Irish Game


Wild Irish Game is the longest established large and small game processing company in Ireland. Established in Glenmalure, County Wicklow in 1997, the company remains totally Irish owned and family run. From the outset, founders Michael Healy and his late wife Jane built a firm reputation for unrivalled standards of excellence, consistency and dependability with suppliers and customers alike. Joined in later years by the next generation, in 2014 the Healys joined forces with the Doyle family of Ballymooney Foods, expanding the scope of the business while retaining the same level of personal attention and professional integrity as before.


At the heart of our business lies a real love for wild, forest foods. Although long in decline, the time honoured skills of preparing, preserving and indeed serving this rich bounty are once again on the rise. We’re dedicated to supporting, educating and sharing our knowledge with chefs, restaurateurs, students and all food lovers about these delicious, traditional foods.


At Wild Irish Game all species are treated with the utmost respect. Any known illegal hunting activities are neither condoned nor entertained. Our reputation for integrity and transparency will stand any scrutiny in this sector of the food industry. Through our years in the specialty food sector, we find that our customers are reassured by our professional ethics and judgement when it comes to sourcing and producing consistent high quality and value products.


All Wild Irish Game premises operate strictly in accordance with current European and Irish legislation. All our products are produced in our E.U. approved processing plants under in house quality assurance system (HACCP) and strict veterinary supervision. For more details see Our Facilities.


We are proud of the many friendships that have grown from our many years in business. We are grateful to all our suppliers and customers, many of whom have been with us since the very early days. We know that our reputation, and our business, depends on the trust and support of our customers and we work hard to ensure that trust is well earned, every day.


In addition to our own wild game, we’re proud to offer a complementary range of wild and traditional foods, specially selected from trusted partners in Europe, South Africa and Australia. For more details see Our Range.